Parent Involvement Ideas

HMS Staff are required to receive Parent Involvement training each year as to the value of parental involvement. Staff provided the information as to what teachers feel means to be an Involved Parent. Personal de HMS estan requeridos de participar cada año en entrenamiento sobre el valor de Involucramiento de Padres de esa reunion encuentren abajo una lista de sus ideas que ellos piensan es ser un Padre Involucrado.

Parent Involvement is:
Support, cooperation and obedience.


Showing an interest in your child's school performance

(Attending) Science & Math Night

Parents helping with homework.

Parents being aware of what class their child is taking

Helping their student and others be successful by supporting the transition between home and school.

Asking their students what are they learning in the classroom and coming to required meetings.

Parent Involvement is:
Helping parents feel like they are an important part of their child's education.

Consistancy at home

Supporting the idea of homework

Keeping up with your child's Academic schedule and reinforcing learning

Following up on (their) student completing their homework assignments.

Reinforcing the expectations of school and community.      

PTA Volunteering & Book Fairs

Parent Involvement is:
Parents knowing what is taking place at school at all times.


Night at the Observatory(Insperity)

Parents checking (their student's) grades online

Monitoring their (class) work

Keeping communications open with teachers and staff regaring (their) student.

Making sure student is in attendance (every day)

Being involved in in ALL areas of school (not just extracurricular)