HISD proudly announces our newest project  
Ridge Creek Elementary 
Elementary School #27 - Overall View
Project Summary
Project Schedule
Construction Phase to start June 1, 2012 through July 1, 2013
Substantial Completion of construction July 1, 2013
Scheduled to open August, 2013
Will be for students from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  The new campus will contain regular classrooms and additional multi-purpose, and fine arts classrooms for a total building capacity of 960 students.  Total Gross Sq Ft = 112,976 
Site Plan
The building will be located on a parcel of land located north of the Sam Houston Parkway and west of Woodland Hills Drive in the Sunset Ridge Subdivision in Humble, Texas.  The new elementary and associated site amenities will be located on the southernmost area of the site.  Parking for staff, visitors, buses and day care vans will be provided.  The bus traffic and parent traffic will be separated by means of two separate access driveways that allow the maximum of safety and efficiency.
Building Plan
The new Elementary School is a two story building, oriented on the site in a manner that responds to the site in an environmentally friendly manner and to take advantage of natural daylighting.  Classrooms for kindergarten through fifth grade are located on three - two story wings, each including six (6) classrooms, a flexible learning area, and support spaces such as bookrooms and teachers' workrooms.  Each two story wing is oriented in a true East-West axis, allowing for perpendicular sun exposure and allowing a maximum amount of natural daylighting to each classroom. 
An additional one-story wing houses the Pre-Kindergarten classrooms and the classrooms for children with disabilities.  Each wing has direct access to play areas and outdoor learning areas that may be equipped with outdoor learning activities such as number lines and math charts that help enhance student learning throughout the campus.
The main circulation spine in the building serves as an active learning street, and as a sound separation between the building's quieter activities and the more public ones; such as the cafeteria, gymnasium and library.  Anchoring the learning street at the entrance to the building is the administration area, including a safe vestibule for controlled visitor access.  The cafeteria and gymnasium share a folding wall that when open, allows for a large multipurpose space.  A stage is also adjacent to and part of the gymnasium to support the entire multipurpose space.  The library is also located along the learning street and is designed to allow maximum natural light to permeate the space.  A multipurpose learning space has been incorporated into a library loft space and supports the library as well as the second floor classrooms.  A courtyard also joins the cafeteria and library to allow activities such as outdoor learning spaces, seating areas and garden areas to reinforce instruction and the learning activities within the library.
 Elementary 27 - Interior view
 Elementary 27 - Floor Plan - 1st floor
Elementary School 27 - floor plan - 2nd floor
Elementary School 27 - Site Layout