Name: Dirk Bunck                         

Grade:     9th

Subject / Department:
 World Geography Pre-AP /          Social Studies

Room Number:  2412 & 3315

Telephone :   

281-641 -ext. 5671 (classroom)
               -ext. 5456 (soccer office)

Email Address:


. Es un gran día para ser un Bulldog! 
                                      It's a great day to be a Bulldog! 

Tutoring times:
Tutoring is additional, special, or remedial instruction. Tutoring IS NOT a time where you come to my room and ask me what missing assignments you have and then work on those in my class. For information on missing assignments you will have to sign up for E-school access through the district. National Honor Society students will offer peer tutoring throughout the year. (on _______ from ________)
Please make an appointment with me personally ( or e-mail me) if you require tutoring.  Please fill out the attached form for tutoring.

Conference Times Please call ahead to set up a conference time.  , Mo/Tue & Fri I'm available from 11.25 until 12.50, Wednesday from 11.00 until 12.30.  Thursdays no conference times are available due to the block schedule.

Grading, Late Work & Reassessment Policy:

 1st period: World Geography Pre-AP                                                                             
 2nd period: World Geography
 3rd period: World Geography
4th period:  World Geography Pre-AP
 5th period: Conference
 6th period:Soccer/Athletics
7th period: Soccer/Athletics