Ms. Jamie Myers
6th Grade RELA/Writing
Room number: 603
Phone Number: 281-641-6000


Upcoming Events for 6th Grade Writing:
If your child is in need of tutorials outside of the mandatory tutorials and camps they are already receiving they must sign up with me. I am available Tuesday after school, Wednesday before school. Anything out side of these days and times should be arranged ahead of time. I live 40 minutes away and need to make special arrangements to be here for the students.

 ON-Level ONLY- Students are working on a persuasive power point over their topic. Power points will be due Monday March 3 and presentations will begin March 4. If they are finished they may present earlier.


On-Level and Pre-AP
We will also begin reviewing for our 3rd nine weeks cumalitive test, which will be on March 6 & 7. I will upload study guide soon. Pre-AP and ON-Level will have different test so make sure to check the correct course when printing out a study guide for you child. However, they will also be receiving one in class and must bring it to class each day. EVEN the day of the test.  

.... and what we have all been waiting on, SPRING BREAK. March 10-14. Hope every enjoys a well rested break. Please remind your students to come back ready to learn, prepare for our upcoming STAAR test (April), and to follow all expectations and rules.
Welcome to 6th Grade Writing!!!

 I am excited to have your child in my class this year. It is my goal to provide a positive, successful learning environment for every student. Please support your child’s language development by promoting writing and reading as often as possible. Ask your child to read his writing aloud and make it clear that you are interested in what he has to say. Offer a variety of opportunities to read books, magazines, and appropriate Internet content. Discuss interesting word choices in lyrics, movies, and commercials…and by all means, have fun! Let’s also work to keep an open line of communication. I know that by working together we can make your child have a successful learning experience.
Class Schedule:

 1st Period-Writing Pre-AP

2nd Period-Planning

3rd Period-Writing

4th Period-Writing Pre-AP

5th Period-Writing

6th Period-Writing

7th Period-Conference

8th Period- Writing

 Go Bearcats!!!!