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Enter to learn. Leave to achieve. Plan. Prepare. Succeed

Talent Show Competitors


Paola Goyco

Rachel Reynolds

Kolten Powell

Aryana/Robbie Johnson

Heather Canales

Isabel Hughes

Emma Engelhardt

Katie Spartz

Rachel George/Kira Hebison

Josella Lane/Catherine Carr

Roguen O’Brien


Congratulations to those that made it!!!


For those that did not, please tryout again next year.There were over 40 different acts to choose from and it was a difficultdecision. Just because you didn’t make it this year does not mean that you willnot next year, keep working hard and improving your talent!!!




Ms. Mac and Ms. Fulford

Wanna Help?
Here are some ways:
Your trash is our TREASURE!!!
If you have anything that you are wanting to get rid of please think of KMS Theatre first. We could use any old clothes, furniture, arts and craft supplies, school supplies, string, yarn, ribbon, etc... If you are unsure if your items fit into a catergory that we need please email me.
Your Time Is Golden
Your expertise is always helpful. When we are working on a production, there are many things that must happen in order to have a great show. We need people who can build, paint, sew, as well as, glue, move, supervise. So, if you have time please think about volunteering with us. Your support and help is always needed and truly appreciated.
Monetary Donations
If you don't have time or trash, we could always use monetary donations to buy the things we need to make our set pieces, backdrops, and sometimes thing that we can't make. Also, we can use your donation to purchase scripts and royalty fees for our productions. If this option interestes you please feel free to visit the booster club link or We are grateful for any amount and again, truly appreciate your help.